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How to Browse Newsgroups

Browsing newsgroups gives you access to content that may not appear in a search of Usenet. A slight difference in wording can mean missing huge amounts of Usenet content. If there is a subject that you are very interested in, we recommend finding the newsgroups for that subject (don't worry, we will show you how) and browsing them directly. Browsing newsgroups on your favorite subjects is the most direct and rewarding way of accessing Usenet.

If you have any questions, even something small, please e-mail us at and we will be glad to help.

How to Browse newsgroups

Click on any image to see the full screen.

Newsbin has a 'tabbed' interface. This means that most of the navigation is done by clicking on little tabs, and if you lose something it is probably just under a different tab.
Around the middle-left of the screen there will be two tabs, 'Search' and 'Groups List'. Click on 'Groups List'.

Search Usenet

Click the 3rd button from the right, at the top...not the red one, not the lock, but the next one which says "Open the Group Add Window" if you put your mouse over it.

Review search results.

There are two boxes that you can type in...the second box (with arrows in the picture below) will let you search for newsgroups with a specific word. For instance, you could type "cars" and click the 'Search' button and all the newsgroups with "cars" in the name would appear.

Download from Usenet.

Sometimes you will see a lot of newsgroups in the results. You can click on the "Post Count" (see image below) and it will sort the list by how many posts are in each group.

Download from Usenet.

Select (double click) any groups you want to add to your list (think of this as bookmarking it for later) and then click 'OK'.

Download from Usenet.

The newsgroup(s) you select will now appear on the main screen. Double click on the newsgroup to start viewing it.

View Complete Downloads

Newsbin will start getting the list of messages for the newsgroup. This may be fast for a smaller group or it may take a long time for a huge group (some literally have billions of messages). It will show you the progress as it downloads.

View Complete Downloads

When it finishes downloading the list of messages, they will appear in the top window and the newsgroup is ready.

View Complete Downloads

Double click on anything that you want to download. What you select will be put in the lower panel where it will show download progress.

Download from Usenet.

When the download completes it will be moved to the "Files List" tab at the very bottom.
Click there to see your completed downloads.

View Complete Downloads

You are now browsing newsgroups!

Be sure to see the Tutorial on Searching Usenet if you are not already searching and downloading! If you ever have any questions, even with something small, just e-mail us and we will be glad to help.