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Browsing Newsgroups

Browsing newsgroups gives you access to content that may not appear in a search of Usenet. A slight difference in wording can mean missing huge amounts of Usenet content. If there is a subject that you are very interested in, we recommend finding the newsgroups for that subject (don't worry, we will show you how) and browsing the newsgroups. Browsing the newsgroups on your favorite subjects is the most direct and rewarding way of accessing Usenet.

If you have any questions, even something small, please e-mail us at and we will be glad to help.

How to Browse Newsgroups

On the left, right-click over ''

Select Alt Binaries as the Usenet server

Left-click on 'Subscribe/Unsubscribe Newsgroups'

Select to subscribe to newsgroups

Type in a subject that interests you (only one word), and you will see the list of newsgroups that contain that word. Notice how the estimated number of messages for each group is on the right. This can be helpful for selecting the best newsgroups.

Type subject for newsgroup search

Double-click on the newsgroups that may be interesting to you, to put them in the list for later. A red arrow will appear on the left, to show that they are marked.

Click 'Finished'

Subscribe to newsgroups

Click 'Use All Messages Filter'

Do not restrict newsgroup posts

On the left, the newsgroups you selected will now be shown. Click on any one of them to start getting the messages for that newsgroup.

Select a newsgroup to browse

You have the option of getting only the first posts, or only the last posts for the newsgroup. If the newsgroup is very large then this can be good to do as it can take a long time to download the list of messages. If you do not expect it to be that large (generally, over 1 million messages) then you can click 'Get all message headers', like we are doing.

Download all headers

Note that you can start getting messages for other newsgroups before the first one is finished, so you don't have to wait.

News Rover will start downloading the list of messages for the newsgroup. This may be very fast for a small newsgroup, or may take quite a while for a large group. Fortunately, it will start listing the messages as soon as the first 150,000 are received. However, it can still be best to wait until it is done downloading so it can sort and clean up the list to be more pleasant for you to browse.

Notice how the 'Lines' column can be used to estimate the size of each post. This can be useful when you are looking for pictures, video, or multimedia and you may only want larger posts.

See file size in right column

Before you download any files you need to set the location to save those files, so right-click over the newsgroup you are viewing, then left-click on 'Properties'.

Set newsgroup properties

Click on the 'Attached Files' tab at the top, then click 'Browse' to set the location to save your files.

Be sure to select to 'Store incoming files directly into my save directory', and also to select to 'Use message subject for the file name'. Click 'OK'.

Set download location

Note that you will need to do those last three steps for every newsgroup in your list on the left, so all the files you download will go to the right location.

You are now browsing newsgroups.
To view a post, or to download a file, just double-click on the message.

Congratulations, you now know how to search Usenet and browse newsgroups! If you ever have any questions, even with something small, just e-mail us and we will be glad to help.