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News Rover Usenet Software

News Rover

Microsoft Windows

Search Usenet & Manual Browsing

News Rover is one of the most popular Windows-based newsgroup readers. It features Multimedia Search, MP3 Search, and Full Text Search functions. Alt Binaries newsgroups are fully searchable by file type, making binary downloads fast and straightforward.

Although retail software, it is provided for free to our users, and is highly recommended Usenet software. Follow the link to Download News Rover then get started with a tutorial.

How to Search Usenet

How to Browse Newsgroups

Mac Usenet


Mac OS X

Picture Display, Filters & Multiple Languages

NewsWatcher is currently considered the best commonly available free newsgroup reader for Mac OS X.

It can be used easily for manual newsgroup browsing, and also has message filtering, alt binaries searching and sorting features for heavier users.

Although simple for basic usage, NewsWatcher is a fairly complex newsgroup program with a wide range of options. Referring to the tutorials on getting started can have you up and running in minutes, but taking a few more minutes to look over the other features listed can make your time using MT-NewsWatcher much more productive and streamlined.

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MT-NewsWatcher Tutorials