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Binreader (Free!)
As well as being free, Binreader can be a great option for new users.  If you don't care about browsing newsgroups and just want to search and download, then Binreader is right for you!

You will need to search using a free site like NZBIndex, then just give the NZB from your search to Binreader and it does the rest.  Download Binreader here.

If browsing newsgroups is important to you or you prefer a traditional news reader then take a look at the options below.

This has been one of the most popular options for Usenet software for many years now.  It is retail software, but is powerful enough to justify its price tag.  A 15 day free trial is available by downloading Newsbin here.

Though not as user friendly Grabit is very popular as well due to its power and being priced reasonably.  It also has the advantage of not having a time limit on the trial version, so you can get a true test of the software before deciding.  To try it yourself, just download Grabit here.

Mac Usenet

Mac OS X Software

There are currently no good free Usenet software options for Mac OS X. If you are aware of one or are developing one, we would love to hear from you. There are, however, two very good retail options.

One of the best Mac options for Usenet software for a very long time.  It is retail software, but is powerful enough to justify its price tag and is one of only two high quality options for Mac.  Download Unison here.

The second high quality option for Mac.  Which software is best is really a matter of preference as Hogwasher is a very powerful program as well and the main difference comes down to the user interface rather than capability.  A 60 day free trial is available, just download Hogwasher here.