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How to Search Usenet

Searching Usenet with Newsbin is one of the best ways to get the most out of Usenet. If you know what you want to find, rather than wanting to browse the newsgroups, you can find your content and be downloading in seconds. If Newsbin is not running, start it now and then we'll go through the following screens. When we are done you will be a couple clicks away from anything on Usenet.

If you have any questions, even something small, please e-mail us at and we will be glad to help.

How to Search Usenet

Click on any image to see the full screen.

At the upper-left of Newsbin, there is a box for searching Usenet.

Search Usenet

Type a subject you want to find and press Enter.
The results will be shown in the box just below where you typed.

Review search results.

Now, double click on any of the results to start downloading.
What you select will be put in the lower panel where it will show download progress.

Download from Usenet.

When the download completes it will be moved to the "Files List" tab at the very bottom.
Click there to see your completed downloads.

View Complete Downloads

That is all that it takes to search all of Usenet.
Just type and download, it's that easy!