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Usenet Affiliate Program

The Most Aggressive Affiliate Program on Usenet.

Alt Binaries offers an affiliate commission of 100% of the initial purchase. With no escrow period, the referral only needs to purchase for you to get paid. Other Usenet affiliate programs require a 2-3 month minimum before you are credited for the referral. Your commissions for this month are paid to you on the 1st of next month. We offer special commissions for large or high volume affiliates, as well as special promotions for all affiliates.

All payments are made through PayPal, for dependable, timely, secure commission payments.

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Any abusive practices, decided solely at our discretion, will get your account terminated, blacklisted, and you will not be paid. You are agreeing that there is no recourse should this action be deemed necessary by us. Extensive abuse will result in legal action. Please, if you have questions about a promotion method, ask first. It makes everyone happier and more successful.

Subscription Payout: 100%
Multi-Month Option: 15%

Alt Binaries provides affiliates with a simple URL for easier linking and better conversion rates. You will also be assigned a username and password which can be used to check your referral statistics for the current day, month, previous month, and a total for all time. These are listed in number of sales, but also monetary value, and amount earned for each day so that you can quickly and easily compare your performance to previous days.


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Real-Time Statistics

  • Hit Statistics
  • Sales Data
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Conversion Rates

Advertising Tools

  • Exclusive EnsureTrack
  • Affiliate Banners
  • Example Text
  • Simple URL's
  • Easier linking and better conversion rates.

No-catch Payouts

  • No Minimum Payouts
  • No Maximum Payouts
  • No Escrow Period (meaning, you get paid the first month)
  • Payment on the 1st of each month
  • Payment by PayPal

Design Promotion

Each month, the affiliate that submits the best graphic advertisement or banner ad will receive a 20% bonus in addition to what they have earned that month.

Sizes for this promotion must be:

Banner:   468 x 60 Pixels
Leaderboard:   728 x 90 Pixels
Square:   250 x 250 Pixels
Small Square:   200 x 200 Pixels
Large Rectangle:   336 x 280 Pixels
Medium Rectangle:   300 x 250 Pixels
Skyscraper:   120 x 600 Pixels
Wide Skyscraper:   160 x 600 Pixels