About Usenet

What is it?

Usenet is a distributed, decentralized, global electronic bulletin board system, consisting of several million people reading and posting messages and thousands of servers around the world transferring many Terabytes of data every day.

Users read and post public messages, called articles or posts, covering nearly every topic imaginable, to one or more discussion groups/categories, known as newsgroups.

These newsgroups are then exchanged between thousands of Usenet servers around the world, from small university servers and start-up ISP's to major telephone and data companies around the world. Some servers may only carry a few newsgroups and have a few hundred gigabytes of storage and a small connection to the Internet, while others feed huge storage arrays consisting of hundreds of Terabytes of storage, connected directly to Internet backbones by multi-Gigabit fiber optic connections.

Usenet started in late 1979, and is one of the oldest computer network systems that is still used widely. Moreover, it's growth has been consistent for more than a decade, doubling in volume every 8 months, with recent growth appearing to surpass previous growth rates.

Alt Binaries

Usenet is divided in to newsgroups, with the format of or rec.climbing (both real groups, incidentally). The first section of this indicates its main heading (ie: alternative or recreation in this example). In this example, you would find climbing pictures in the first, and discussion of climbing in the second.

The Alt newsgroups were created as a 'catch-all' for newsgroups that didn't really fit anywhere else. Over time, the groups listed under 'Alt' began outnumbering the traditional newsgroups, and the 'Alt' heading itself became more classified. Although there are many, many, other classifications under the 'Alt' heading, Alt Binaries is by far the most commonly used primary classification, as it comprises 99% of all multimedia (non-text) content posted to Usenet. Alt Binaries contains everything from pictures, programs, audio and video, to multi-gigabyte multimedia archives.

Alt Binaries contains over 2,600 Terabytes of data, as of this moment.

NZB Files

Usenet NZB files are text files that contain a list of newsgroup messages (not the actual messages). These have become extremely popular as they allow you to put one small NZB file in to your news reader, and have it download 50,000 messages, all automatically. For large multi-part posts in Alt Binaries newsgroups, this means that the one NZB file contains the list of all of the parts (very often many thousand), and your news reader will just churn away until it has all of the pieces, and then automatically combine the parts (repairing if necessary) and then decompress into the final file(s).

There are hundreds of NZB search sites are on the web, but many large multi-part posts in Alt Binaries newsgroups also include NZB files as well, so be sure to look for the NZB for the post you want rather than looking for those 10,000 parts in a newsgroup.

Usenet Server
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Alt Binaries newsgroups double in volume every 8 months, and are our primary focus in providing usenet services to our clients.

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