All Inclusive Usenet

Use any software you like, get Newsbin for free, and even access newsgroups on your smartphone or mobile device.  
Get all inclusive newsgroup access through a Tier 1 Usenet provider with no upsells, no games, and no nonsense.

All Inclusive Package
Roll-Over Gigs
200 GB Download

Per Month

No Speed Caps
SSL Encryption
1,600 Day Retention
99.99% Completion
50 Connections
Newsbin Included

Works with Everything

All Inclusive

Alt Binaries is the most all inclusive Usenet provider in the world.  We provide full featured Usenet access, include Newsbin software, and a web-based interface for NZB files.  You can even search Usenet from your smartphone.

No Speed Limits

We have clients reaching speeds in the 100's of Mbps regularly.  With even faster connections becoming more available, if you sustain over 1 Gbps we want a picture!  This will probably be one of our European friends.  We envy your connectivity.

Roll-Over Gigs

We provide a large monthly download capacity, but most clients have months of heavy use and months of light use.  Some people even have a life outside of Usenet.  In case you are one of those people, your unused gigabytes never go to waste, they just keep rolling over to the next month and adding up.

Uncensored Usenet

Newsgroup access is uncensored.  We filter out nothing, and let you decide what you do and don't want to view.  Do be careful, some newsgroups may be more than you want to see.

Works with Everything

Use your web browser, your favorite news reader, or Newsbin software that we provide for free!  Whether you are on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, we work with everything!


Nosy neighbors, Internet providers, governments, and employers are just some of the people that might be watching what you do online.  Access Usenet with SSL encryption to keep anyone from peeking at your news group downloads.


What you do on Usenet is your business.  We keep no logs of what our users download, or what groups you read. Neither your IP address or username is shown in anything you post with your account.


We provide over 3 years retention across all groups.  Unless you take a 4 year vacation, we have you covered!


There are few things more irritating than spending hours downloading the perfect file you wanted, only to find that it is one part short of being complete.  So, we have greater than 99.9% file completion.

All Inclusive Access
Every Known Newsgroup

Full featured access to your newsgroups,
on any device.

Newsbin Screenshot

Newsbin Included

We wanted our clients to have the best retail newsgroup software out there, without paying for it.  So, we provide the full retail version of Newsbin, with Usenet Search.  It's totally unrestricted and can even be used with other Usenet providers, for as long as your account with us.

Download Newsbin

Global Server Locations

  • United States

    Located in Virginia.  Great connectivity for client on the eastern half of the United States.  Use default port of 119.

    Located in Arizona.  Serves the western half of the United States.  Use default port of 119.

  • United States + Encryption

    This Usenet server uses high strength SSL encryption.  Use this if you are on a non-secure network.  Make sure that SSL is enabled in your Usenet software, and use the default port of 563.

  • Europe

    Located in Amsterdam.  Great connectivity for European clients, and also useful as a fill/backup server for American clients.

  • Europe + Encryption

    This an Amsterdam based server that uses SSL encryption.  Make sure that SSL is enabled in your news reader software, and use the default port of 563.

    This server can also use port 80, which is good if you are behind a firewall that would block Usenet access, at work, or using a bad Internet provider that might limit you.  Port 80 is used when you are web browsing, so blocking you is difficult when you use this port for Usenet.